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Nuts, Candy, and Magazines

Girls sell nuts, candy and magazines to friends and family through a website they create. It is simple, fun, and entirely online. Girls earn rewards while troops earn start-up funds for activities and projects. 

  • Troops earn 20% of all items sold to fund activities and adventures. 
  • The Fall Product Program is a sale for friends and family only.
  • It's all online - no booth sales or door to door sales.
  • There is no pre-ordering of inventory and no money collection.
  • Girls get to create their own avatar and send emails through their own personalized website for customers to order products.
  • Troops have the opportunity to earn additional Cookie Program proceeds by participating in both the Fall Product Program and Cookie Program by meeting the eligibility criteria. See the Rewards & Proceeds section below for all the details! 

Girls learn and practice the Five Skills as they setup and promote their site: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics.  

check_32 Important Program Notes
  • If you or your girls need support getting into the system or setting up their site, email or call 800.372.8520.
  • The program officially launches September 25, 2020, but site access will open on September 18, 2020 for volunteers and girls who want to get an early start! 

Parent/caregiver website for registration/login:
Volunteer website for login:*
*Volunteers are manually loaded on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays by GSNETX for those volunteers who have completed all requirements to serve in the role by 11:59 p.m. the day prior. 

Key Dates
9/18 Site opens for registration. Click here to build your avatar & site. 
9/25 Fall Product Program officially launches! Click  here  to build your avatar & site. 
10/26 Fall Product Program ends. Sites close & order taking ends.
November Products ship to troops for girl delivery to customers. 
November Rewards ship directly to troops. 
December Proceeds direct deposited into troop bank accounts from GSNETX. 
How It Works

shopping-bag_32Girls will register individually online and create their very own avatar that looks like them. Then, girls will send emails to friends and family asking them to purchase nuts, candy and magazines to support her troop and Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas. Girls can earn their first patch for sending 15+ emails through their site! Customers may also donate to Care to Share, benefitting military and first responders. It’s easy and fun for the girls to learn e-commerce and e-marketing skills. 

sale-tag_32Product ordered for in-person delivery will be shipped directly to the troop’s Fall Product Manager in November to be delivered by the Girl Scout to the customer, just in time for the holidays! If customers want their products sooner, they may elect to pay for direct shipping at an increased cost. 

money1_32 Troops earn 20% of the retail price of all products sold and girls earn rewards! 

Getting Started - Girls & Families

check_32Requirements for girl participation:

  1. Be sure your Girl Scout has an active 2020-2021 Girl Scout Membership.
  2. As soon as Friday, September 18, 2020, visit, and follow the prompts to login, create your personalized avatar, website and send emails to family and friends.
check_32Important Program Notes
  • If you or your girls need support getting into the system or setting up their site starting on 9/18/20, email or call 800.372.8520.
  • What if your troop is not participating? Or you haven't found a troop to join? You can still participate in the Fall Product Program as a Juliette! Girls who participate in our Product Sales Programs as Juliettes work directly with their local Service Unit volunteers. Instead of earning troop proceeds, Juliettes earn Girl Scout Bucks which can be used in store at GSNETX shops, to renew their membership, register for GSNETX activities and more. Ready to get started? Complete our Fall Product Program Juliette survey below.
    Link Coming Soon!
Getting Started - Troops & Volunteers
check_32Requirements to be a Fall Product Manager (FPM):
  1. Have an active 2020-2021 Girl Scout Membership.
  2. Approved background check on file, expiring on or after 10/1/2020. 
  3. Ensure your troop's bank account is registered. See additional troop finance information here
    Tip: If you have previously registered your account, your troop should be good to go!
  4. Complete the 2020 Fall Product Manager Agreement.

Now you are ready to support your girls as they launch their online businesses and earn proceeds for troop activities and experiences! Participation in this program also helps you prepare for the upcoming Cookie Program. Here are some additional highlights and benefits to participating:

  • There are no troop pre-orders, booth sales or reward selections to make.
  • No money handling by parents and troop volunteers - it's all done online!
  • Customers can elect to ship select products (listed below under "Product Line-Up"), directly to the troop for girls to deliver in person and pay no shipping!
  • All girl rewards ship to the troop for timely distribution.
  • Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas will deposit the troop proceeds in the troop's account after the conclusion of the sale, once all shipments have been received. 
Products For Sale

UD - Kosher dairy.
U - Kosher pareve.
GF - Gluten free, but is produced on a line that produces products with gluten.

Care to Share - Customers also have the option to donate $7 towards nut and candy products that will be donated to local military and first responders. 

Girl Rewards & Troop Proceeds
  • Trust Your Strengths Patch - Send 15+ emails 
  • Bravely Be You Patch - $75 in Total Sales
  • Swimming Sloth Patch & Theme Necklace - $150 in Total Sales
  • Personalized Avatar Patch - $250 in Total Sales (shipped to the girl’s address)
  • Small Plush - $350 in Total Sales
  • Sloth Pen, Watercolor Kit & Scrunchies - $450 in Total Sales
  • Large Sloth Plush - $550 in Total Sales 
  • Cookie Crossover Patch: Participate in the Fall Product Program, create your avatar, send 15+ emails AND sell a minimum number of packages of cookies in the 2021 Girl Scout Cookie Program - more details to come. 
  • Additional Troop Proceeds: Troops with 50%  or more of their girls participating in the fall product program who reach a per girl sales average (PGA) of $250 will earn an additional 2 cents per package in their troop’s 2021 Cookie Program! A girl is considered participating if she has at least one order with one item or more, purchased. 
    Updated clarification: Troops which have an odd number of girls registered, can round down to the nearest whole number to qualify for the 50% participation requirement. For example, a troop has 11 girls registered, they must have 5 girls participating in order to reach the 50%.
    Tip: Calculate the per girl average (PGA) by taking the total sales of all girls and dividing that total by the number of girls selling. For example, ten (10) girls had sales totaling $3,000, which would mean they have a per girl average of $300.
Program Exclusives & Contests
Fall Product Program- Sloth Meet-N-Greet Contest


Does your Girl Scout want a chance to meet our Fall Product Mascot?

  1. Join/renew her 2020-2021 Girl Scout Membership.
  2. Make sure she sets up her avatar and launches her site.
  3. Help her send 15 emails through the Nuts & Magazines system to prospecive customers.
  4. Sell at least one product through the Nuts and Magazine storefronts.
  5. Participate in the Girl Scout Entrepreneur Exclusive activity that will be sent to girls who have set up their sites in October.

Once girls complete these steps, they will be entered into a contest for a chance to attend our sloth meet-n-greet event on November 7th at the STEM Center of Excellence. Steps and submission must be completed by October 26th, 2020 by 10:59pm for contest entry.  

Forms, Resources & Videos
paper-f_32Other Resources 
star_32Online Resources 
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What are the benefits of participating?
    Troops will earn 20% of total sales in the Fall Product Program, girls will earn rewards, and participating in fall is a great way to prepare for the largest girl-run business in the world, the Cookie Program! 
  • What are the dates of the program?
    Customers will make purchases online from the Girl Scout’s site during the program, from September 18 through October 26. Products will ship to the troop in November for girls to distribute to customers unless the customer pays for expedited shipping.  

  • What products are being offered for the Fall Product Program?
    We offer 14 nut and chocolate items as well as a large selection of magazine subscriptions. Nut and chocolate selections include: Spicy Cajun Mix, Mint Trefoils, Mint Trefoils in a Girl Scout Tin, Peanut Butter Monkeys, Chocolate Covered Almonds, Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels, Whole Cashews, Butter Toffee Peanuts, Chocolate Pretzels in a Reindeer Tin, Pecan Supremes, Cranberry Trail Mix, Honey Roast Peanuts, Fruit Slices, and Peppermint Bark in a Snowman Tin. Also see "Products for Sale" above.  

  • When is payment collected for products ordered?
    Payment is collected online when the customer places their order.  
  • What is a Care to Share product?
    Girls Scouts of Northeast Texas Care to Share program offers customers the opportunity to donate delicious Girl Scout goodies to our local military and first responders. If you can’t eat ‘em, treat ‘em!  
  • When will girls receive rewards? 
    Rewards will ship directly to the troop in November and the troop's Fall Product Manager will distribute to girls. 
  • When will the troop receive proceeds? 
    Once all products have been shipped and received, GSNETX will receive payment from our Fall Product vendors and will then be able to process payments to troops in December. 
  • Are Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors allowed to opt out of rewards in place of higher proceeds? 
    No, this is not offered with our Fall Product Program, but it continues to be an option in the Cookie Program. 
  • How do Juliettes participate? 
    Juliettes will follow the same requirements as troop members. They must have an active Girl Scout membership for 20-21, and setup site and launch her girl-led online business to friends and family! Juliettes will earn Girl Scout Bucks and rewards, and Girl Scout Bucks will be issued once all products have been shipped and received.
  • When will customers receive their magazine orders? 
    New magazine subscriptions begin in approximately 6-8 weeks. Renewals begin when the old subscription expires.   

  • Can I order a magazine for my business?
    Yes, however the subscription must be sent to a specific person. Subscriptions sent to a business name, library or media center cannot be processed. 

  • Who should I call if I have problems with my magazines or direct-ship candy/nut items?
    If you have any problems with magazine subscriptions or orders placed online for direct ship, call M2 Media Group at 800-372-8520 or email

    If you have any problems regarding an order you placed to have candy/nut items delivered by a Girl Scout, call 972-349-2404.        
  • Does my troop have to participate?
    This Program is optional - any troop who wishes to participate in the Fall Product Program may respond to the invitation to participate, as with the Cookie Program.  

  • How and when will Girl Scouts receive their personalized avatar patches?
    Girl Scouts will receive their avatar patches by mail approximately 6-8 weeks after the patch has been earned. 

  • If we don't participate, are we restricted from other money-earning opportunities?
    No. Per GSNETX Policies and Procedures, Girl Scout troop participation in the most recent Cookie Program is required for approval of additional money-earning projects. This policy applies only to the Cookie Program, and not the Fall Product Program.

question-mark_32  More questions? See below who to contact for support!     

Product Sales Team Updates
11.13.2020 E-Blast Update

Hello Fall Product Managers,

GSNETX received confirmation today that Fall Product Girl Delivered Items and Girl Rewards will begin shipping to the Troop Fall Product Manager we had on file at the time that the Fall Product Sale wrapped on 10/26. 

Troops should check their shipments carefully upon receipt to ensure that all items and rewards are received. Remember that the custom patches are mailed directly to the girls on a rolling basis depending on when they were earned. Troops must notify GSNETX of shortages or issues with shipments via email at no later than 11/30.

In mid-December, GSNETX will begin processing troop proceeds via direct deposit into troop bank accounts that were registered with GSNETX by the conclusion of the Fall Product Program on 10/26. Troops which do not have active and valid accounts on file with GSNETX will not receive a direct deposit of troop proceeds, and will instead receive Troop Girl Scout bucks for the troop volunteers to leverage for membership, in store purchases, etc.

If you have questions or need support, reach out to your SU Fall Product Coordinator. If your SU does not have an SU Fall Product Coordinator, or you are not sure who that volunteer in your local community might be, please contact us at

- Your GSNETX Product Sales Team

12.4.2020 E-Blast Update

Hello Troop Fall Product Managers, 

We hope that you're all staying safe and warm these days. With GSNETX and our vendors in the final stages of distributing our tasty treats and girl rewards, we will soon be moving into the process of distributing troop proceeds to eligible troops. As soon as the vendor releases proceeds to us, in the next week or two, we will start preparing to deposit funds into troop accounts, representing the proceeds earned through your troop's participation in the 2020 Fall Product Program. Once we have initiated the deposits to troop accounts, we will circle back to communicate with you once more so you can work with the troop treasurers to be on the lookout for the deposit in your troop bank account.

Troops which did not have a bank account on file at the time the program ended in October, will receive the Girl Scout bucks in lieu of proceeds and it will be sent to the Fall Product Manger's email address later this month as well.

Also, be on the lookout for some Girl Scout happy mail in late January to commemorate your support in this volunteer role. Thank you so much for all that you do for your girls and your troop! 

Please let us know if you have any questions. We're always happy to help however we can!

Your GSNETX Product Sales Team 


question-mark_32 Questions? We're here for you!

Trying to get into the system, but haven't received an email? If your Girl Scout is loaded in (meaning she is currently registered for the 2021 membership year and has a correct and complete parent permission form), you should be able to register directly on the site:

Click the "Register" button to begin the short process to get started. Remember to use your Girl Scout's name the same way that it's been provided to Girl Scouts in the parent permission form and in our membership system so she "matches" our records.

If you are receiving error messages from the system, have any problems with magazine subscriptions or orders placed online for direct ship, call M2 Media Group at 800-372-8520 or email

If you have any problems regarding an order you placed to have delivered by a Girl Scout, call 972-349-2404.

Reach us by email at or by phone at 972-349-2404.