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Volunteer to Co-Lead a Girl Scout Troop!

You can help girls become their best selves.

When you become a Troop Co-Leader, you’ll immediately start to feel and see the impact you can have on the lives of girls. You’ll be with them as they experience new adventures and learn new skills. You’ll watch their confidence soar. You’ll experience the joy of creating a more fair, equal, and compassionate world where every girl has a seat at the table.

Limited Time Offer! When you sign up to Co-Lead a new troop, you and your girl's first-year membership is FREE!

New Leader Promo - September 2021

Offer is only valid for volunteers at Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas.

Who makes a good Troop Co-Leader?
  • You don’t have to be a parent of a Girl Scout to be a Troop Co-Leader! If you’re an adult (18+) who is passionate about making a positive impact in girls’ lives, then you’re exactly who we’re looking for.
  • Each troop requires at least two unrelated background checked volunteers. Grab a friend (or make a new one!) and volunteer to mentor a group of girls in your community.
  • Your background and lived experience add to the rich tapestry of our organization. We encourage volunteers who represent the diverse communities our Girl Scouts live in.
What does a Troop Co-Leader do?
  • Commit to meeting with your troop once or twice a month for 1 – 2 hours.
  • Create a safe and welcoming experience for every girl and facilitate a variety of fun, girl-led activities.
  • Communicate with the parents/guardians of your troop. Encourage all adults to volunteer.
  • Manage troop funds and finances.
  • Facilitate girl-led activities and guide girls as they work on earning badges (We have ready-to-go activity plans to help!).
  • Coordinate troop activities, community service, and field trips.
Ready to Co-Lead? Here are your next steps:

1. Get Started

Once you’ve completed the Troop Co-Leader – Free Membership form, look for an email from theadvocates@sterlingvolunteers to complete your background check. Background checks are required for all adult Girl Scout volunteers. 

Our staff will connect with you to confirm troop details like meeting day, time, and location, answer your questions, and introduce you to our New Troop Leader Experts.

2. Connect with New Troop Leader Experts

As a new Troop Co-Leader, you’ll join a cohort of other volunteers starting their new role! You’ll join a community of support, participate in virtual trainings, and learn from subject matter experts. You'll also receive a New Leader Kit with supplies, first year meeting plans, and best practices for mentoring girls. Learn more at

3. Grow Your Troop

Start growing your troop! As soon as your troop is active, it will be listed in our searchable online troop catalog until you’ve reached 10 girls. Families are more likely to join if they know your troop’s meeting day, time, and location so we recommend you decide this information as soon as you can! Most troops meet once or twice a month at schools, libraries, places of worship, community centers, or local businesses.

If you’re interested in co-leading a troop but have a few questions first, we would love to talk with you. To learn more about what it means to be a Troop Co-Leader, reach out to us at