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Camp is fun in the sun –
and so much more!

Every girl deserves the opportunity to explore the natural world and herself and to embrace the very best of both. 

Registration how-to

Resident Camp
(aka Overnight or Sleepaway Camp)

Girls will stay in platform tents, cabins, or lodges and enjoy traditional camp activities like swimming, archery, crafts, and singing songs. Each of our camp properties has its own special personality and features!

You must login to in order to sign up for camp.

  • STEM

Day Camp @

The STEM Center

From 9am to 5pm each day, girls will get hands-on with cooking, aviation, coding and wizarding world camp activities. PLUS swimming, archery, hiking, team-building and more!


How to register

Step-by-step Registration Instructions

There are three ways to begin looking for camp and registering. Camp sessions are grouped by week and where applicable, transportation options are signed up for separately. All camp registrations require a $100 non-refundable deposit be paid online. Payment options are available for the remaining balance.

  1. Go to our events page and use the search tools to find the week for you. It will take you to the page to begin logging in and registering.

  2. Go to our camps page and select Summer Camp from the side list. The camp listings will be broken down by camp type such as Resident or Day and then by campground (Bette Perot, Gambill, Rocky Point, and STEM Center of Excellence). Select your camp type and then the week to be taken to the registration page.

  3. The last option is to register from your MyGS account directly. When logged into your account and viewing your account/household, you can click on the My Events menu on the left (drop-down or hidden menu for mobile devices) and then clicking Register for another event. You can also click the Join button in the top right and then select Find Events. 

After finding the week you are interested in, click the Event Details button to be taken to the registration page. 
To locate camps you will need to search by zip codes to narrow your search. You may also see other events in that area. Here are the zip codes needed for finding camps:

  • Camp Bette Perot: 75803 (extend radius to 20 miles)
  • Camp Gambill: 75486
  • Camp Rocky Point: 75020
  • The STEM Center of Excellence: 75236

4. Make sure to read the full description and then select the number of girls you will be registering by clicking the green plus sign and clicking the green Add Events button. It will say Login if you aren’t currently logged into your MyGS account.

5. Use the "Assign" attendees list to pick who will be registered.

6. Review the available sessions and then click the checkbox next to that session. There will be a read error message above events if your child isn’t the correct grade for them or if you have already selected another.

7. Click the credit card payment option. You must pay the $100 non-refundable deposit, if you wish to pay more than the deposit amount or pay in full, change the value in the total due field.

8. Click "Submit Member Details."

9. After doing this for each girl, click the green Review Cart to proceed.

  • If you need to add available camp options such as transportation or before care (where available), leave these items in your cart and go add them (using events, camp, or My Events). When you are done click the Review cart button.

10. Accept the Girl Scouts Promise and Law and proceed to payment.

11. Your balance will now show when you log into your MyGS account.

12. Payment options for the remaining balance are pay in full, partial payment, request financial assistance, or use GS Bucks. If you experience issues processing your credit card on the first try, we recommend trying an alternative card.

  • Pay in full or partial payment: Click the Pay Now button when you log into your MyGS account. Just enter the amount you want to pay and then proceed to provide your payment information. All payments are due in full by May 1.

  • Apply for Financial Assistance: Complete application and submit your request. We will email you about how much was covered and how much is still due.

  • Use your GS Bucks: Submit your request to use your earned GS Bucks. We will apply it towards your balance and let you know how much is still due.

Need assistance? Contact Customer Care at (972) 349-2403 or email

They are available
M-Th 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. and
F 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Camp sessions, dates, and times are subject to change.