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Energy of the Future Workshops at STEM Center

Sat May 06, 9:00 AM - Sat May 06, 10:00 PM
Brownie, Cadette
Girl Fee:

Explore the wonders of our renewable resources that are the energy sources of the future. Learn about how they are being used today, look beyond to the future, and learn about the women who are making it their mission to bring humanity into a greener future.

Don't forget to complete your adventure and add in our fabulous outdoor amenities - archery, low ropes, slingshots, giant swing, and climbing tower/zipline. 

Registration for workshops and amenities closes 8 days prior to scheduled date.

Brownie Workshops
Brownie Solar Manufacturing Maniacs 9am-11am $12 Solar Engineers Assemble! Cars are like puzzles, each piece plays an important role in the final creation. Come be a part of the manufacturing team as you build a fleet of solar cars. Girl Scouts will earn Automotive Engineering 3 Badge.
Cadette Workshops
Cadette Solar Powered, Girl Powered 1:30pm-3:30pm $12 Explore the science behind solar energy and car creation. Come ready to design and construct your own solar operated transportation. Girl Scouts will earn STEM Career Exploration.