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Engineer Excitement Workshops at STEM Center

Sat Mar 18, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Cadette, Senior, Ambassador
Girl Fee:

Brainstorm, design, develop and build your creation! Following the engineer design process, you'll explore problems, find STEM solutions, and have FUN doing it!

Don't forget to complete your adventure and add in our fabulous outdoor amenities.

Registration for workshops and amenities closes 8 days prior to scheduled date.

Cadette Workshops
Cadette Wooden Wonders 1:30pm-3:30pm $12 Use basic tools, like a hammer, level, screwdriver and saw to build simple woodworking projects for yourself and others. Girl Scouts will earn the Woodworker Badge.
Senior/Ambassador Workshops
Sr/Amb Fast and Luxurious 9am-1pm $25 The roar of the engine, the wind in your hair, but first a little car care. Join us as we venture into the world of car maintenance, gain safety and emergency knowledge, and explore the cars of the future. Girl Scouts will earn the Car Care Badge - Senior Badge