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Passionate Entrepreneurs Workshops at STEM Center

Sun Apr 30, 9:00 AM - 9:51 PM
Daisy, Junior, Cadette
Girl Fee:

Developing entrepreneurial skills is a life long process. Entrepreneurs are risk takers, self motivated, barnstormers and designers and are passionate. Don't miss out on the opportunity to develop these entrepreneurial traits!

Daisy Workshops
Daisy Coding Basic 9am-11am $12 Have you ever thought about teaching a computer a new skill? It is harder than you might think. Daisies will program on another and be introduced to the picky world of computer coding. Girl Scouts will earn the Coding For Good 1: Coding Basics Badge.
Daisy Digital Game Design 1:30pm-3:30pm $12 Have you ever wondered how digital games are created? Join us as we explore the process and components of game design by creating your own maze game. Girl Scouts should have earned Coding Basics prior to participating in this workshop. Girl Scouts earn the Coding for Good 2: Digital Game Design.
Junior Workshops
Junior Game Creator  9am-11am $12 Find out how programmers create a video game that is fun and helps solve a problem. Explore tools used to develop digital games and discover how game design can be used “for good”! Build and test your game and make improvements. Girl Scouts will earn Coding for Good II: Digital Game Design Badge. Girl Scouts should have already earned Coding for Good: Coding Basics prior to participating in this workshop.
Cadette Workshops
Cadette Engineering Entrepreneurs 1:30pm-3:30pm $12 Discover how engineering and entrepreneurship go hand in hand as you team up to brainstorm and pitch a business idea to make the world a better place. Girl Scouts will earn the Entrepreneur Badge.