Troop Camping at the STEM Center
Date: Fri Feb 10, 6:00 PM EST - Sun Feb 12, 12:00 PM EST

All bed spaces for Camping Units and Lodges are $25 per Girl Scout/Adult Volunteer.

All troop campers must be registered Girl Scouts.

All troop volunteers must be registered Girl Scouts and have a valid Background check with GSNETX.

Primitive Camp Sites fees are based on site size not per person.

Cedar Lodge & Glen Oaks Units both have 3 available cabins for youth reservations and 1 for shared adult cabin. Typical reservation is for 10 participants - 8 GS in a youth cabin and 2 adults in separate leader cabin. Have more than 10 GS??? - no problem! Just reserve 2 or 3 youth cabins! Restrooms and the kitchen area are in a separate cabin and can be shared space if more than one troop reserves cabins in one camping unit. 

Tejas Lodge sleeps a total of 18 Girl Scouts and 3 adults in separate room with an indoor restroom and private kitchen. 

Templeton Lodge sleeps a total of 15 Girl Scouts and 6 adults in a separate room with an indoor restroom and private kitchen.

To book archery, low ropes, slingshots, giant swing, climbing tower/zipline or any of our STEM workshops please visit the Ultra Camp page for the Saturday/Sunday you will be visiting camp to see activities offered.