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3 Things You Can Do with Volunteer Learning Right Now.

1. Explore the content in GSLearn

Take as many courses as you’d like from our Volunteer Kickoff 2020 Better Together event.  Log into GSLearn, our new learning management system from within your MYGS account. Click on the course catalog and view the replays! 

How-to Volunteer Toolkit (VTK) videos, as well as registration for upcoming webinars and other courses are also inside! New content added monthly.

2. Build a Digital Bridge with the Virtual Meeting Playbook

Virtual meetings CAN be engaging and fun. The good news is that you already know how to do this!

Read the Virtual Meeting Playbook cover to cover. Pay special attention to page 30 for bonus materials in the Virtual Meetings Starter Pack!

Share the Playbook with your co-leader and troop adults to build buy-in and support.  You've got this!

Launch the Virtual Meeting Playbook

3. Join a Social Learning Classroom for
TR100 New Troop Leader Training or
TR302 On-the-Road Camping 

Social Learning Cohorts in Facebook allow the learner to learn from home at their own pace and have a connection with others in the same cohort for sharing ideas and perspectives. A team of trainers and community moderators will support you and answer your questions so that you can complete the course within 4 weeks. 

  • Register for TR100 and TR302 social learning classrooms from GSLearn, which is inside of your MYGS account.
  • You must have or create a Facebook account to participate in a social learning pathway.
  • TR302 registration is open only to those who have completed the TR301 GSNETX Camping pre-requisite 
Be sure to like and follow the GSNETX Learning Channel on Facebook for daily micro-content and pop-up learning events