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Digital Cookie Launches 12/11!

The virtual portion of our 2021 Cookie Program is launching earlier than ever! Starting December 11, 2020, Girl Scouts who are registered to sell cookies can log in with the help of their parent/caregiver and set up their very own cookie website to promote to customers. From there, they can share their site with customers via email and on social media.

Remember that door to door and in person sales don't start until the in person portion of our Cookie Program begins on January 15, 2021.

Check out the video below to hear more from parents and volunteers about why they love Digital Cookie!

Login to Digital Cookie here.
How It Works:
  1. Girls and parents/caregivers work together to register for Digital Cookie and set up her site. 
  2. Complete the set up process, listing her goal, what she wants to share with customers about why she is selling, and publish her site.
  3. Send marketing emails within the system to family and friends.
    Tip: By sending 15+ emails through Digital Cookie, she'll earn her very first patch of the 2021 Cookie Program!
  4. Help her post her link on social media.
    Remember: links cannot be shared in garage sale, buy/sell/trade, for sale sites, etc.
    Tip: Help her create her own message to share and post on the parent/caregiver's page!
Customers can place three different kinds of orders:
  1. Orders to be shipped directly to them.
    Tip: From 12/11 through 12/31, customers who order 8+ packages of cookies or more will receive $5 off shipping! 
  2. Orders to donate cookies to Community Cookie, benefiting military and first responders in our local communities.
  3. Orders to be delivered by their favorite Girl Scout in January when her troop receives cookies after the program starts on 1/15.
    Remember: Orders for girl delivery must be approved in Digital Cookie within 5 days of the customer placing the order or the order will be cancelled.
Having trouble with Digital Cookie, email us at!