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Community Partnerships

Community Partnerships provides a variety of options to offer robust Girl Scout programming during or after school.

GSNETX seeks to partner with schools and community organizations to implement safe, mission-based learning experiences both in-school and afterschool.

Our programming integrates the Girl Scout Leadership Experience into K-12 classrooms primarilly in neighborhoods who are traditionally under-resourced.

For Girls

What is the Girl Scout Leadership Experience?

The Girl Scout Leadership Experience offers age-appropriate activities that are girl-led, cooperative, and hands-on, and that prepare go-getting girls to take on challenges big and small in their lives. Guided by supportive adult leaders, girls practice everyday leadership as they earn badges, sell cookies, go on exciting trips, explore the outdoors, and more. Girls learn and grow
in a safe, all-girl environment, which helps them discover themselves and their values. They try new things and take healthy risks. They connect with others to create positive relationships, and take action in their communities on issues they’re passionate about.

Our Program

Everything a Girl Scout does centers around STEM, the outdoors, development of life skills, and entrepreneurship, and is designed to meet her where she is now and to grow along with her.

For Parents/Caregivers

Our Outcomes

Girl Scouts is proven to help girls thrive in five key ways as they:

  • Develop a strong sense of self.
  • Display positive values.
  • Seek challenges and learn from setbacks.
  • Form and maintain healthy relationships.
Girl Scouts are more likely than non-Girl Scout to:
  • Participate in healthy activities (82% vs 69%)
  • Pursue leadership opportunities (79% vs 37%)
  • Explore the outdoors (76% vs 43%)
  • Be civically engaged (79% vs 37%)
  • Learn financial literacy (65% vs 36%)
  • Work on STEM projects (60% vs 35%)
For Educators

GSNETX evaluates the needs of potential partners to establish which of the four program options will best serve their girls. The primary difference between each option is the financial support and the staff who deliver the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.

Four Program Options

Two Delivery Options



  • Meets once per week
  • 1.5 hour program
  • 14 sessions
  • Broken into semesters

Fits well in enrichment period, advisory period, club day, or PE/health/dance classes.

 After School

  • Meets once per week
  • 1.5 hour program
  • 20 sessions
  • Year-round

Could enrich an existing afterschool provider or be a stand-alone opportunity.


Curriculum Provided

Leaders of Community Partnership programs will have access to the
Girl Scout curriculum library, which includes:

  • A step-by-step script to deliver each session
  • TEKS-aligned objectives
  • Mental health and wellness/SEL component • PowerPoint presentation
  • How-to videos on hands-on activities (offered in English and Spanish)
  • Worksheets for each session

Elementary programming focuses on the four pillars of Girl Scouting – STEM, Outdoors, Life Skills, and Entrepreneurship – mental health and wellness, and social-emotional learning.

Middle and High School programming emphasizes mentoring, career exploration, mental health and wellness, and social-emotional learning

Benefits for Educators

Partner leaders will receive four hours of training, which qualifies for CPE professional development hours and a complimentary Girl Scout annual membership.


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