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Welcome to Digital Cookie for the 2022 Cookie Program!

Friends & Family Digital Cookie Orders Start 12/13!
Starting December 13th, Girl Scouts can share their link digitally, via email through the Digital Cookie platform and on social media. Remember December 13th through January 13th is intended as a friends and family online sale, and Girl Scouts should not be hosting booth sales, going door to door, etc. Keep in mind, girls will not have cookies in hand for Girl Delivered orders until on or after January 14, 2022.

Discount Shipping Promotion 12/13 - 1/13!
Starting December 13th through January 13th, customers who order 12-24 packages of cookies to be shipped, will receive $10 off their shipping fee.

Girl & Family Access for Digital Cookie Opens 12/13!
Girls who have a current membership, a 2021-2022 Annual Cookie Program Parent Permission form on file and who have been loaded into eBudde, our Cookie Program software, will receive an email from Digital Cookie starting 12/13, inviting them to register to launch their Digital Cookie website. 

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Digital Cookie Resources for Girls & Families

Registration & Email Troubleshooting
Parent Login Experience
Girl Site Setup (Younger Than 13 OR 13 & Older)
Uploading A Video
Viewing & Approving Orders
Updating Girl Delivery Settings
Viewing Girl Inventory & Financials
Selecting Girl Rewards

Digital Cookie Resources for TCMs

Volunteer Login Experience
Troop Dashboard Overview
How To Set Up Troop Links
How to Manage Troop Site Orders

Frequently Asked Questions

When do Troop Site links open for business?

Troop site links will open for business on January 14, 2022.

December 13, 2021 through January 13, 2022 is designated as a friends and family, online only sale.

Where do cookies for girl delivered orders come from?

When a customer orders through Digital Cookie and selects "Girl Delivery", those cookies would come from a girl's personal cookie inventory, either from her Initial Order or from additional cookies she has picked up from her troop.

In eBudde, these orders would on reflect money collected since the cookies would have already been "assigned" to the girl in her personal inventory.

Where do cookies for shipped orders come from?

When a customer orders through a girl's Digital Cookie link and selects shipping, those cookies will be shipped directly from our bakery to the customer. This means that the cookies ordered to be shipped from a customer, are added to the girl's sales/inventory and she's automatically credited for the payment too!

In eBudde, a shipped order would show as adding packages and payments to the girl and the troop.

If a Girl Scout sold cookies through Digital Cookie previously, can she access last year's customer list?

As long as the Girl Scout's GSUSA ID is the same as was used previously Digital Cookie should save this information year over year.

Make sure you're using the email address that you submitted on the 2021-2022 Annual Cookie Program Parent Permission form, as that's what we've used to create account access for your Girl Scout's Digital Cookie access. 

If you're not able to gain access using this email address or you have a problem, complete the form below so our Customer Care and Product Sales teams can support you. 

Digital Cookie Support Request

Who pays for the credit card processing fees on Digital Cookie transactions?

For the 2022 Cookie Program, Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas covers the merchant processing/transaction fee on all Digital Cookie orders, which means troops retain more proceeds to power their next adventure.

What is "Cookies In Hand" and when do we use it?

Cookies In Hand is the feature in the Digital Cookie Mobile App that allows girls and families to take payments for cookies while selling on the go. This feature opens January 13th, when the in person portion of our 2022 Cookie Program begins, and closes on February 27th, the last day of the 2022 Cookie Program.


Can families use Digital Cookie to pay their cookie bill to the troop?

No. Digital Cookie should never be used to make payments to the troop for a girl/family's cookie bill as this incurs unnecessary expense to the council. Girls and troops who mis-use Digital Cookie by collecting payments from families to the troop will lose Digital Cookie access and may risk girl rewards.

I have more than one Girl Scout, how do I access each of their sites?

As long as the same email address was used on each of the Girl Scouts' 2021-2022 Annual Cookie Program Parent Permission form, the parent/caregiver will be able to toggle using a drop down menu in Digital Cookie between each girl's site. This drop down menu can be found underneath the main navigation toolbar when using the website or on the side navigation menu when using the app.

I'm the TCM and I have a Girl Scout, how do I see both my girl's site and my troop?

As long as the TCM email (used to log into eBudde) is the same as the parent / caregiver email, that was provided on the Annual Cookie Program Parent Permission Form, the volunter/parent/caregiver will be able to toggle between roles by selecting "Parent" or "Troop ####" from the role drop down menu on the top right hand side of the website or in the navigation menu from the app.

When does Digital Cookie close for the 2022 Cookie Program?

Cookies In Hand access ends 2/27/2022
Mobile App sales ends 2/27/2022
Girl Delivered Ordering ends 2/27/2022
Troop Site links close 2/27/2022
Girl Shipped / Donated Only Orders end 3/6/2022