Cookies, GO!

Register or renew as an adult volunteer for the current Girl Scout year (on myGS ) and complete a background check.

Register for Troop Cookie Manager (TCM) Quick Start Training.  If you're new to the TCM role, also complete Cookies 101 under the Troop Cookie Manager Training section at

Attend TCM Quick Start training.

Complete the TCM agreement and assessment.
Contact your Service Unit Cookie Program Coordinator (SUCPC) for materials and support. To find the right person for your area, use this look-up tool.

Register or renew as a member for the current Girl Scout year. (on myGS )

Connect with Troop Cookie Manager (TCM) to order cookies.

Set up Digital Cookie site to sell online and process credit card payments.
Digital cookie

With the help of her parent/caregiver, a Girl Scout sets up Digital Cookie to sell online. Orders open December 14, in-person deliveries begin in January. No money-handling or guesswork required. Click here for all the details on how to set up Digital Cookie and how it works.

Shipped orders: 12/18-1/31
Girl-delivered orders: 12/18-2/25
Donated orders: 12/18-2/25
Mobile in-hand (credit cards, on-the-go,  and at booth sales: 1/12-2/25

In Person

Starting January 12, Girl Scouts can begin selling in person in their local community. Selling door to door, to family and friends, teammates, and beyond, asking her network of contacts is a great way to get started! Our Cookie Mix Calculator will help you know what cookies to have on hand to meet the demand.

Booth Sales

Have you ever seen a Girl Scout selling cookies at your favorite neighborhood restaurant or grocery store? That’s called a cookie booth sale! Girls and their families can work with their Troop Cookie Manager (TCM) to set up booth sales as a new way to reach more customers.

My Sale Booths begin 1/12/2024. These are booth sales organized and set up by families and troops. Make sure to follow the My Sale Booth process under the "My Sale Process and Resources" accordion under the volunteer section on this page.

Council Organized Booths begin 1/26/2024. Locations are secured by Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas and troops can sign up for slots in eBudde.